Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Debugger Isn’t Working in the clicked() Method

Today I found that something in one of my form button clicked() methods was not doing what I expected it to do. So I put a breakpoint on the particular line of code in the method so that I could execute the process and see exactly what was going on. However, execution was not halting at my breakpoint, and the debugger was never being triggered. After making sure I was attempting to debug the right code, restarting my AX Client, then my machine, and finally the AOS itself, all to no avail; I quickly realized something buggy was going on. A little digging led me here, which acknowledged this as being a known bug in AX. The most basic solution turns out to be simple, and requires the use of the “breakpoint” keyword in the code where you want the breakpoint.

The only problem is that you will want to make sure you remove these breakpoint keywords when you are done!
void clicked()


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  1. Thanks for posting your solution i had the same problem. Daniel from mexico.