Friday, April 9, 2010

Solving: “Error in Url property error”

My latest task was to create a new Role Center for Dynamics AX 2009; which in its most basic form, is simply a webpage on the SharePoint Enterprise Portal that is linked in AX. After creating my Web Part page in the SharePoint EP, I went back to the AX Client to setup the Role Center.

In AX, I did the following steps:

1. Opened the AOT
2. Scrolled down and expanded the “Web” node
3. Expanded the “Web Menu Items” node
4. Right-Clicked the “URLs” node
5. Clicked “New URL” menu item
6. Right-Clicked the new URL item, and selected the “Properties” menu item
7. Filled in the Name and Label properties
8. Clicked the […] button for the URL property

At this point I received an odd error message:

Error in Url property error

After a bit of digging it turns out that a Microsoft patch is required called “Software Update for Web Folders (KB907306)”. This needs to be installed on the machine where the AX client is running. After downloading, and installing the patch, I restarted the AX client, got back to my URL item in the AOT, and the […] button then functioned properly.

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